Class 3 Dealer

Class 3 Dealer in Lynchburg, VirginiaWe are Lynchburg’s premier Class 3 Dealer!

Come in and see us for all your NFA needs such as Silencers, Short Barreled Rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns and even Fully-Automatic Firearms.

Since 2010, Lynchburg Arms and Indoor Shooting Range has steadily grown to be a well respected class 3 firearms dealer in the State of Virginia.


NFA Transfers & Shipping

Lynchburg Arms will both accept and send NFA transfer requests for our customers. If you purchase or sell a firearm and need to have a NFA transfer processed please contact us for a quick and easy firearm transfer. Rates to ship out firearms may vary based on distance and location shipped.

Transfer Type Total + Tax
Accept Transfer of NFA Hand Gun $ 75.00
Accept Transfer of NFA Long Guns $ 75.00


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