Indoor Shooting Range

Lynchburg Arms and Indoor Shooting Range
Lynchburg Arms Indoor Shooting Range

The shooting range at Lynchburg Arms is a state-of-the-art, military-style, 25 yard indoor shooting range which can handle any caliber up to and including a .460 Weatherby Magnum. For safety, shotguns and muzzle loaders are not permitted.

The indoor range is an air-sealed chamber with five lanes looking 25 yards down-range, to where a sophisticated backstop gives way to a gap that traps bullets and deposits them into a mesh tray for easy recycling.

For the comfort and health of our shooters the gun range is heated and air conditioned with an oil-and-water mixture which clears the air of lead dust. An intake system keeps fresh air circulating.

Before visiting and using our indoor shooting range please take a moment to read our range rules for your safety and the safety of those around you. Failure to follow any of those rules may result in removal and banishment from the facility.


Range Fees

  • $12.00 per hour
    • Single User, Single Lane
  • $22.00 per hour
    • Two Users, Same Single Lane

Glock Shooters!

Please visit the events calendar for the Glock Match dates.

The range opens two hours early for our GLOCK competition shooters only (shoot anytime between 11am – 6pm).

Look forward to seeing you at the range!

Glock Shooters in Lynchburg, Virginia